A Look At The OnePlus Nord 2


The OnePlus Nord 2 is now officially available in the UK, Europe, and Asia after its successful 22 July launch event in New Delhi. The smartphone is the very first smartphones without a traditional mobile processor made by Samsung. Instead, the Nord 2 operates on the MediaTek’s ARM11 chip. Full sales began on 28 July immediately from OnePlus and several other select resellers.

The company behind the creation of the OnePlus devices, Opposport, has been inspired by two different user experiences: the efficiency of a smartphone like a smartphone, and the flexibility of an Android ecosystem such as android. What this means is that there is no single device that fits every user, or that can fulfill every user’s need. The beauty of operating system or software as well as hardware is that each device should complement the other. A great example of this is the use of phones like the Blackberry and the iPhone: while both are great communication tools, they can also be used in different applications. A person could use his Blackberry to send an email, but he can use his iPhone to surf the internet, shoot a video, or take pictures.

To cater for this varied experience, the company built a hybrid smartphone / mobile device. The dual charging base is an efficient phone and a powerful networking appliance, thanks to its powerful Aqva Labs QS wallpaper, OxygenOS 3.5 update, fast charging features, and high performance power-saving modes. On the other hand, the powerful octa-core chipset and Adreno sub-system allow the phone to achieve the most out of existing apps, allowing for a diversity of experience. It features a powerful dual camera, a high-resolution multi-touch screen, up to 8 mega-bps LPDPA/GPRS, Bluetooth 4.1, fast web browser, an aluminum unibody body, a fingerprint scanner, a heart rate monitor, and a customizable home button. The OxygenOS software also enables users to remotely control the devices through its browser, as well as record and log calls. OnePlus Nord 2

The dual camera feature of the One Plus 2 allows for two types of imaging experience: one is with the main camera, which can be recorded directly to the phone or uploaded onto the Internet; the second can be with a cell-phone camera to upload directly to your social media sites. Both have low-light recording capabilities and manual controls to enhance video recording quality. In addition to the ability to record images directly to social sites, the low-light mode of the One can also be used for simple photo shoots, although this depends on individual exposure settings. In the night mode, the One uses the phone’s LED flash to provide sufficient light to the subject of the image, in order to create an impressive effect.

The feature of the pixel 4a fiveg is a welcome upgrade that comes with the OxygenOS 2. This is a high-speed imaging chip used for the dual camera on the phone. The pixel foura’s fast speed allows for high quality images to be captured without the need for the need of the low-light setting. The low-light mode only needs to be activated when necessary, as with other smartphone modes, but the power savings afforded by the pixel foura enable the use of the device during daylight hours without sacrificing too much digital photography experience. The two separate cameras on the One Plus 2 allow for seamless dual-camera functionality.

There are also some notable additions to the OxygenOS 2 compared to the first version of the mobile phone. The inclusion of a suite of professional-grade Android apps is a big step forward, as many lesser brands are limited in terms of the apps they provide. The biggest addition is undoubtedly the suite of apps meant for the professional photographer. Many of the features offered by OnePlus Nord 2 have been copied by manufacturers in other Android handsets, but it is still an exceptional device for professional photographers. The 12GB 2.5 inch LCD is also a welcome upgrade for existing users, as it offers brighter and clearer images than the previous model.

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