The vivo V20 – A Brief Review


O vivo V20 is the next generation of mobiles. It is expected to be launched in late fall. If you are looking for a phone which has all the functions of an iPhone, at a cheaper price, then O vivo V20 would be the right phone for you. To find out more about O vivo V20, please read the article below.

The O vivo V20 has all the features of an iPhone including the stunning design, incredible audio performance, long battery life, multi-tasking capability, and advanced gesture control. The phone in itself has a huge amount of power. The device runs on the old chip technology of Sony and is powered by the quad-core 1G processor. The O vivo V20 also comes with a large 6.44-inch AMoled screen, vivid dual-tone LED screen, and powerful Adreno caller. The phone also comes with a wide variety of applications preinstalled in it that help in improving the functionality of the gadget.

The O vivo V20 also comes with some unique features like being able to see the time and date while viewing the caller’s picture in the status bar. It also comes with six customizable icons including Live wallpaper, Email, contacts, games, music player, and wallpaper. The phone in itself is quite impressive with its features like enabling the user to see the time live on the dialer. The O vivo V20 can connect to MMS services for sending text messages. It also has a feature called EMA or Emotion Engine, which enables the phone to recognize your emotions such as anger, sad, happy, surprised, tired, and many more. vivo v20

One of the coolest and most impressive features of this handset is its innovative multi-tasking features like allowing you to see the time live on the dialer while composing a new message, taking a picture, and then sharing it via email. It has also enabled the user to use the O vivo V20 in dual mode – the normal mode which allows you to use it with its primary camera and the photo-taking mode which lets you enjoy the dual camera setup. If you want to enjoy all these features and more, you need to purchase the Otterbox Defender Case from Amazon and download the Android Software to your handset. This lets you enjoy all that the O vivo V20 has to offer along with a whole lot more.

With a device like the O vivo V20, you never get tired of being entertained because you always have something interesting to keep you busy. The O vivo V20 camera has an auto-focus system for capturing photos and videos and also boasts of an intuitive interface. The camera has a high resolution scanner which allows it to detect even the most obscure detail in the image and the camera has an inbuilt image editing feature that lets you crop, resize and edit your pictures and videos. You can also enjoy enhanced manual control over the quality of your images and videos by experimenting with the image processing options.

Apart from this, the O vivo V20 also offers you a lot of fun and entertainment apps which help you to keep busy with the things that you love most using the palm-based multi-touch interface of the HTC Wildfire. You can also use this device in a productivity mode with the help of apps like Workflow or PowerPoint. The phone has a solid yet elegant design and comes with a generous 5 MP camera lens which is suitable for professional users who need high resolution and clarity cameras. The O vivo V20 offers a cost-effective package with some fantastic features such as allowing you to upload full videos and images directly from the Windows Phone 7 app on to your PC with the help of an FTP connection and this means that you don’t have to wait for them to upload. The battery life of the handset is a major factor for anyone who needs to use a smartphone on a regular basis and if you are one of these individuals, then the O vivo V20 should be in your ‘top’ list.

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