What Wedding Caterers Can Do for Your Big Day

Many brides focus more on finding the perfect dress and delicately setting the seating arrangements so all guests are comfortable, with the food left to work itself out at a later date. This is entirely backward, since the caterers you hire and the food you select will determine how memorable your wedding is and how enjoyable your guests find the reception.

When you hire the best wedding caterers their staff and the platters of beautiful food will enrich the reception environment and contribute to the happiness and joy that naturally abounds at a wedding. On the other hand, select the wrong catering service and your reception could forever be remembered as a complete disaster.

You don’t want to wait until your wedding day to see which way it falls for your chosen wedding caterers. Think about all of the following things as you check into different services and allow these considerations to help you make the best decision in the end.

1. Great wedding caterers will serve hot, fresh meals on time.

Some of the worst things that could happen at your wedding revolve around the food:

Hot dishes can be served cold. Fruits, vegetables and other components can be less than fresh. Food can show up late, making guests wait to be served and ruining the flow of the reception. The food may not be what you ordered.

When considering different wedding caterers, make sure to ask about their policies on fresh foods and look into their history of being on time with other wedding customers. You want a punctual service that will deliver fresh, hot food that is exactly what you ordered. wedding catering nj

After choosing a caterer, make sure to verify all components of the food order, right down to the wine, to ensure you get just what you want.

2. Wedding caterers will cater to the guests as well as the bride and groom.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all that uncommon for newlyweds to find after the wedding that their guests were not treated with the same courtesy and respect that they received themselves from catering staff. The best wedding caterers will not only shower attention on the bride and groom, but they should cater to the needs of the guests on a professional, attentive level as well.

Make sure to discuss what jobs the catering staff will have at your wedding prior to booking your wedding with them. If you expect them to serve wine and keep guest’s glasses full or do anything else beyond serving food, make sure it is made very clear what you expect. The more you expect from a catering service the more you will be charged, but you have to make your expectations clear right from the start.